kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

They're Everywhere!

Now that I'm home all the time the cats have taken over my life!
They are everywhere! And into every aspect of all the things we do.

When you come to our house there will probably be a cat looking
at you from inside the window.

And there could be one in the bathtub.

And on the woodstove! And they know to check in the winter to make sure it's not hot!

They are especially fond of the kitchen.
Getting a drink right from the faucet is the best!

A double cat centerpiece on the kitchen table is nicer than flowers.

And they can be part of a healthy breakfast. Everyone needs a little cat hair! Fiber in the diet!

But best of all they like creativity! In fact creatively keeping me from my work is one of their favorite activities.
Why would I want to sew when there's Sophie to pet and talk to?

And here's Deiter helping me draw Kathy's design to practice needle turned applique.

Best of all there's rugs to plan. It takes a whole crew to work on that! Now where's Mommy going to sit???
Joanne was writing in her blog about how much enjoyment her cats add to her life. I have to agree with all my heart! They may be small, but their personalities are larger than life.

In spite of the kitties best efforts, I did make a start on my rug.
OK, it's a very SMALL start!
I've been busy canning more pickled beets and now they are done.
Also did some of the last of the tomatoes.
Hope now I can do some serious hooking. Fall is coming! I can feel the difference in the air already. This year I'm looking forward to being home by the woodstove working on my

Enjoy the last days of summer!
Happy Hooking!


  1. Pat - loved this post - Oh the pictures are priceless - I know exactly what is going on in your house and the help you are getting ! Your crew certainly loves to follow their Mom around! My husband always says when he's home with the cats they just sleep - Guess the women in the family are more fascinating to follow around - and I'm sure with your sewing and hooking - wow that's just the catnip on the sundae!

  2. Love the photos! Cat hair as fiber, hmm, new concept lol.
    Wow, you really are on the ball with the applique. Cool! I was going to go tonight, but Linda said we may go to Needle and Thread tomorrow after work. Double Cool, since I've yet to be there! Look forward to Thursday.

  3. WOW! Kittie power in every chair. Lots of good company. I know that I couldn't hook nearly as well as I do if Eloise wasn't in the chair with me. Sounds as though you are really busy with beets, tomatoes and all of the other harvest. Love your pictures.

  4. Love the cat pics... they are all so handsome!! I may come over and steal them!! LOL!! see ya thursday I think Jill and I will be there around 4:30!! HOpe to see you!


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