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kitty companiona

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Busy Day, but lots accomplished

Yesterday was my first official day of retirement. Yes, it's true! I'm no longer working in the sewing room at Great War Militaria. Linda found a very capable replacement for me. So now I am a woman of leisure...well, kinda!

Yesterday I celebrated by finishing the hooking on my gameboard. And I got up with all good intentions of taking it to the hook-in at Grantstreet Woolworks. But...I got so involved in working around the house that I decided to just stay home. It's not often that I get the urge to do housework!

Zip got into the spirit also and here he is fixing the faucet in the bathtub with assistance from Deiter! What a good little helper he is!!!

And here he is helping Mommy, too! I'm getting ready to slice peaches for a dessert I'm making. He loved rubbing his head against the fuzzy skin of the peach. And look at the size of the peach! We got these giants at the Round Barn down near Cashtown.

We pulled about a half bushel of beets to pickle. A few years ago I took a fit and decided to sell my pressure canner at a yard sale. I had decided NEVER to can again! I had spent 30 years of summers canning and I was sick of it!!! Now I wish I hadn't been so rash. But I have plenty of big pots that will do the trick.

The first batch of jars is out of the water bath. I just love to see the finished canned goods lined up on the countertop!

I haven't done so many constructive things in a day since I was...well...lots younger. Now I'm sitting down having a quiet cup of tea and working on whipping the edge of the gameboard.
Over the past two weeks I have purchased several dye formula books. I don't know what my next project will be, but I know I want to dye some interesting colors for it. Right now I feel really inspired and invigorated, but that probably won't last long! LOL! I just need to make the most of my energy while it lasts.
Happy hooking!


  1. Hi Pat - missied you today at the hook-in. The game board looks great.e tell Zip that I said hello and I like the looks of the back of his head!

  2. Hey Pat! Sure missed you today :(.
    Your gameboard looks absolutely wonderful. Would have loved to see it finished. Bring it next week?
    Are you enjoying being a lady of leisure? Sounds like you got quite a bit of stuff accomplished.. Zip too! I'm sure that is a great feeling.
    Can't wait to hear, see, what your next project is... Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!

  3. Pat, We all missed you today. The checkered board is wonderful!!!!!! Your beets are beautiful too. Tell Zip to keep up the good job.

  4. Oh wow Pat - that checkerboard is awesome! Love it - I'm hoping to come out to the hook-in next week - hope you are there! Can't wait to see what your working on - Love the shot of Zip and Deiter - I can't decide if our kitties are trying to help or supervising us! Just adorable! Your beets look good too - Wow you've been a busy woman! Send some of that energy my way please!


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