kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rughooker's Lament

Tell me why...why, why, why?! Oh why don't I ever have the right color in my stash?

Zip should be accompanying me on the guitar. This is a very sad song! LOL!!!

It seems like no matter how many pieces of wool and any color under the sun and then a few more, I never have the color I want for a specific project! I thought this checkerboard was going to be a good way to use up wool that I already have without needing to go to the dyepot. NOT!

I do have some red I like, and started out making the squares red and tan. Didn't like the tan. Re-decided on black. Do I have any black? NO! Overdyed some stuff that I didn't like with what I thought might make a nice antique black. Not dark enough against the red. Getting frustrated already! Got out (gasp!) a pack of BLACK dye. Overdyed again. Now I like it! Horay, a small success!

Since this is a gameboard I kind of want it to look like an old primitive painted one. Promary colors, but grungy. Here are the reds and a sage green that I thought would work.

I wanted the background behind the tree to be a gold/mustard color. Didn't have any of that either. Ended up overdying more odd pieces of light colored wool. Then dyed a dark green for the leaves and grass.
I do have some leftover brown worms from another project that will be the tree branches. But the whole point of all of this is that my 'sijmple' little gameboard turned into another dyefest, which was what I was hoping to avoid.

I think from now on I am going to just buy lighter neutral colored wool and dye everything, instead of purchasing lovely pieces that strike my fancy with no clear idea of what they will be used for. Because...and here the light bulb comes on!....I end up overdying them anyhow!

My final commnet is:
I need to be more like Doris. I KNOW she does not have these problems!!!

The last time I was telling you about learning about the settings on my camera. Look at the difference between the two pictures! The first one is on the 'normal' setting.

This one was taken right after, but with the setting for 'trees and leaves. Isn't that amazing?! I am just fascinated with the cool things a digital camera can do!

The veggies are from our garden. Those are cherry tomatoes. The baby eggplant is only about two inches long. Isn't it cute. Unfortunately when I went to chop him up for my salad, he was tough as leather! Oh well!


  1. Hi Pat. The pictures are great. That camera is sure a dandy. I'm jealous. As far as the dyeing is concerned, yes I do have problems altho different than yours. Mine is I can't find anything. I have to much stuff. I spent the morning separating an sorting. Will I ever get the room organized?????

  2. Wow that camera really changed things - didn't it! I've been sorting my wool tonite - going to dye some next week - I'm the same way - never have just the "right" color! LOL!

  3. LOL- Just as I hit post comment - Jonesy walked across the keyboard - he deleted part of it! Oh well - guess it wasn't that important! Have a good week!


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