kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aaaahhh! Summer!

This has been a really nice summer so far. Warm in the daytime and cool at night. Pure Heaven!

Our garden is finally producing, after the waterlogged spring. This is a row of lovely mixed variety lettuces that Zip somehow managed to plant right along the edge of the grass!

Mom came down to visit last week and here she is in the zucchni patch with Zip. If any of you who are nearby need some zucchini, we have extra. We only have a few plants, but they are prolific! We also picked our first batch of greenbeans on Wednesday. We cooket them with ham and new red potatoes.

Deiter has decided that summer time is best spent napping. Here he is, sleeping with his head in one of my knee pads. I think the knee pads would make great kitty bicycle helmets! LOL!!!

On the kitty subject, Sophie is doing well so far on her insulin.
This evening we are going to Harrisburg to the Top of the Hill Restaurant for the annual Sunoco awaards dinner. Even though Zip has retired, they still invite him back for special occasions. As usual, I had nothing to wear (being mainly a jeans and t-shirt type!). So for the past several days I have been working on a top and a light jacket to wear.

Was hoping to make some pants to go with it but that didn't work out. Yesterday Kami and I went to the PA Fabric Outlet and the ONE THING I really needed was a zipper. I picked one out and put it in the cart along with the many bolts of fabric to be cut. And the zipper is still in the shopping cart!!! Boohoo! So we made a quick trip to K-Mart for some light beige pants. Wish I could have gotten a good close-up of the jacket buttons. They have little leaves in the middle.
Yes, my Santa hooked piece is finished! I haven't decided yet what my next project will be. Didn't get to the hook-in because I had absolutely nothing to work on. Since I am off for the summer I want to dust off the loom and do some weaving.
Happy hooking till next time!

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  1. Pat the weather sure has been great! Oh my, I would never be a full time vegetable grower. That lettuce looks like weeds to me lol.
    Too funny with Deiter and your knee pad. Sure must be comfy!
    Love the piece of clothing you made. You sure are handy! Sorry you forgot your zipper. Now that's something "I" would do!!
    Hope to see you soon!
    Hope you post a picture of your Santa, or bring it next time the hook-in so I can see it.


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