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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Putting my Life on Hold Until...

I haven't been knitting lately.  Like two years lately.  Same with sewing.
You may ask why.  Or you may not give a rip.  But I'm gonna tell you anyhow.

About four years ago I was doing well on Weight Watchers.  I lost 99 pounds.  I vowed that I was NEVER going to go through the gaining weight thing again.  I had made a 'life style change'.  I got rid of all my fat clothing.  Never gonna need them again!

How delusional can one person be???  I never did lose that last pound to make it 100.  Even with all the effort I was far from THIN.  And after a whole year of sticking to the plan and restricting what I ate, my resistance dissolved and I went right back to binge eating big time.  And it took me a year to gain it all back.  How ironic.

So for the past several years I have 'maintained' at my high weight.  The thought of restricting food again puts me in a total meltdown.  I just can't do it AGAIN.

So my life has been on hold.

I did not want to knit because I gave away several nice hand knit sweaters to the thrift shop that were too big at the time.  Now I wish I had just stashed them away.  Oh, dieting hubris!  So when I think about knitting, I remember those sweaters and think 'why waste yarn on big sweaters in case I lose again?'  Same thing with sewing.  That fabric is really pretty, I should save it until I get thin.

The reality is:  NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

So I gave myself a slap upside the head and said, 'get out your patterns and that darn yarn and do something with it!'  Do I wanna die with all that great yarn laying around???  The kids will probably take it to the landfill.  Make big sweaters!  I can always take them apart and make them smaller if...  Oh, don't even go there!

So I'm starting with this sweater.

I made this one before I lost weight the last time.  I made my own buttons for it.  Now they are gone forever and they looked so good!  I still have enough of this yarn to re-make a sweater just like it.  Whether I will make new buttons is questionable.

So I'm gonna dig into the stash and use that lovely yarn and those favorite fabrics.  There's no time like now no matter what size I am.  And if I use up all the yarn and fabric and somehow through a twist of fate become a smaller size, I can always buy more.


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  1. Good for you. Enjoy where you are at this point in your journey.

  2. I love how you have such great resolve Pat! Don't let a thing stop you from doing what you love to do and are so darn good at! I've never seen anyone who can knit and sew as beautiful as you do!
    I love that sweater!!
    Go for it girlfriend!!
    Cathy G

  3. Go for it... enjoy the yarn and fabric... weight bothers lots of us but it is wonderful to find joy in creating something. That's my philosophy...I'm choosing to be happy and to have fun knitting and sewing and that is that!

  4. Oh Pat! You know I am with you on this one! We deserve to enjoy our hobbies and have nice things to wear now. Since you are such an amazing seamstress, you could totally cut up that sweater and make it smaller if the need arose. I am currently working on making some jeans, which I have not worn in years. I think because I did not want to buy them in the size I needed, so I just didnt get any. The nice thing about making them, they are my size, not some number!

  5. Pat, I have been following you for a few years now, I have always enjoyed seeing your wonderful projects, you knit like a dream! Life is too short to miss out on, please use the yarn. You are an extraordinary designer. I loved those buttons too! I remember them. Who knows you may come up with new "cat" shaped buttons for a new sweater. Like you other friends here, I say go for it!

  6. Pat, never let a number on a scale make you put life on hold! Life is short, live it up and do what makes you happy.

  7. I sure do understand the weight thing. For years I've been up, down, up, down and now up. Life is too short to put anything on hold. You are an excellent knitter, sewer, hooker, cook and person! Get those needles out and knit, knit and knit. You'll feel better.


  8. Hi Pat, I'm with you on the weight topic, I've pretty much given up on trying to lose weight, like you as soon as I put an extra morsel in my mouth I put the weight right back on. The only reason I would like to lose it is because my hips are not what they were but I guess there's always a pill for the bad times.
    I'm glad you're going to get the knitting out, there's nothing like knitting or crochet to lift the mood, I've just finished another pair fo socks for Tom and am starting another pair for myself. I don't have the stamina to make a large item like you.
    Winter is on the way and what's better than a book and a bit of knitting.
    Hope all the kitties are well, our's are still in charge here, ripping hell out of the new carpet and sofa but never mind.

  9. the comment about a large item like you read a bit bad, lol, I didn't me that you were a large item Pat, just the cardigan.

    1. I'm laughing so hard I almost peed myself! Well darn it, I am a large item and I'm going to accept it and be happy.
      As for knitting large items, a vest can be a fun piece to start out with. Not quite so much work. Oh, I think you could do it. You're an excellent knitter.

  10. Very wise decision! :-) So many people have postponed so much of living, "until (insert anything) happens".... then, when they get sick, they change their tune to, "Oh I should have (insert many things here)"... they key point is to enjoy the moment you are in... and be happy and content with the present... and soon, everything else will gently fall into place! Enjoy every minute of your knitting Pat! You are a talent in many crafts and cooking and (insert much more here).... share it all with the world!!! :-)

  11. Good luck. Do what brings you joy. Some of us were just not meant to be ? smaller.

  12. Pat,
    So good to hear from you.
    Like everyone is saying, do what makes you happy. You are talented in SO many ways. Please keep us posted on your project.
    Hugs :)

  13. Pat, I am going through the same thing in reverse. I've been sick and lost a lot of weight. Weight I couldn't afford to lose. Now everything i own is huge and i swim in it. I keep looking at smaller clothes and walk right by saying no, I am not staying like this. Good Lord willing I will get better, gain my appetite, put on some weight and fit in my clothes again. Very hard. I am wishing us both the best in our quests.

  14. Please stop beating yourself up. I tried WW and didn't lose that much weight so figured I'm like myself the way I am. Start knitting and sewing.

  15. Pat you're about the most talented person I know and you are good at everything you do.
    Life is made to enjoy and every day count so start to live it to the full. Just get stretchy clothes and buy more yarn and get rid of that scale... Your knitting abilities is second to none.

    If winter wears you down, get an artificial sun light and bath in the light to boost your level of joy.

    Take care and be happy.

  16. Hey Pat, would love to see you at the hook in again sometime. Bring your knitting along!!!!

  17. Hello Pat :)

    Size does not matter...unless you ask a man and that is something altogether different - LOL!!! I think as long as you are healthy and happy nothing else is of much relevance. You are so very talented I wish I could knit and sew like you. I think that large or small you must create your beautiful pieces, not to do so would be such a pity. Love to you and Zip and all the kitties!!!!


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