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kitty companiona

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Trying to Recover

Those of you who have followed my blog for a long time may remember that I have written in the past about having seasonal depression.

This past winter was particularly difficult with the extremely cold weather and frequent snow, not to mention a majority of gray days.  I spent most of the winter doing absolutely nothing.  Sitting in the recliner covered in a wool blanket and either sleeping or reading was the order of the day.  I did not go out more than once a week if that often.  I do not have agoraphobia, I just can't stand cold and will not go out in it.  And this past winter was COLD.

I sank into the worst depression since postpartum depression in the 70's.  I resisted medication because I thought that once spring arrived, late as it was, I would snap out of my funk.  Of course, my Mom has always told me that if I just do my housewifely duties, motherly duties, and marital duties, I wouldn't have time to be depressed.  Yetch!!!  I had no interest in doing anything.  If the kids hadn't been here to prod me into talking, I would have isolated myself completely.

Spring arrived and I still was just dragging through the days.  I finally made an appointment with the doctor and got some medication.  Then after reading the side effects (which really weren't that terrible) I dragged my feet about beginning to take it.  I have taken anti-depressants before and they made me feel groggy and out of it.  Just what I need, more sluggishness!

Last week I took the first pill and already I can see small differences.  Good grief, I actually feel like getting up and doing something!

Still on the quest for the perfect bread, I signed up for a Craftsy class by Peter Reinhart on making artisan bread.  And darned if I didn't make some bread that was better than anything I've made before! Here are my steak sandwich rolls.

Aren't the pretty?  And Chef Reinhart's method is so easy, hardly any kneading at all.
And look at the texture inside.

I was so pleased with the results!
There is a FREE pizza class by Peter Reinhart on Craftsy and I've tried that one too.  Made some really good pizza.
So I'm slowly getting back to some creative things.

The week after Christmas, our new equipment shed was delivered.  We had hoped to get it before it started snowing because the roof was caving in on our old shed and the tractor was getting wet.  Unfortunately the day after the shed arrived we had rain and then it froze.  The two big piles of crushed stone that were supposed to go inside the shed froze solid and never thawed out until mid-March.  We ended up putting a tarp over the tractors and mowers.
But the shed is now in use.  Our only regret is that we didn't get a bigger one.

 The kids have been working on the yard and garden.  Each year we plan to add another few raised beds.  We just got a truck load of compost so will be filling the boxes and then planting our seeds and plants.

 Next brad and Kami will be setting up the water gardens.

We took a drive a few weeks ago and saw these cute guys waiting for their dinner.  The little Mennonite girl was on the other side of the road with a wheelbarrow full of hay.

Even though I'm feeling better, I still enjoy quiet time reading and drinking tea from my favorite teapot.

And conversing with my best little companions.  I could not live without my kitties!

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you're having an enjoyable spring!


  1. I'm so happy to hear from you Pat. Seasonal depression is such a difficult time for some and you're not alone. I'm so glad that you're back at getting interested in doing things. I can almost smell that bread. They sure look tasty.

    I'm so glad that your kitties are so soothing to you. I bet they don't want to go out in that cold winter. OMG, was it ever a long cold winter. I thought it would never end.
    My husband has started to put a new roof on our house since last Friday and it has rained ever since. When the crew started to work it was sunny and the weather changed, they worked in the rain, snow, freezing rain and wind. They had to give up but they finished the upper roof in front of the house.

    I've been dragging my feet on a grandfather rug but I'm almost done. I'm not posting very often lately...

    Take care Hugs,

  2. This winter was so hard on people who battle depression. I'm so glad you finally went to the doctor and got some medication and are starting to feel better. Spring is dragging its feet but it will get here soon. I love your little shed. There is a new trend - they call them "she sheds". The feminine version of the man cave. They are so cute. I'd love to transform my garage into an oasis.

  3. Hi Pat - It has been one terrible winter here, too and everyone was getting very down about it. But, Spring has finally arrived. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better and getting back to your creative self. Your bread looks amazing. I can just image how good it tastes. With tea, of course. Give those two sweet kitties a hug for me. Hugs, Deb

  4. Oh my! Those rolls look so fabulous! I am so glad you are starting to feel better, I've been thinking of you often.

  5. Pat,
    So good to hear from you. I'm sorry the winter was so hard on you and I hope you continue to feel better.
    You always take the best kitty pictures and your rolls look amazing.
    Hugs :)

  6. Take your med's and get better....I missed reading your blog ..I'm glad you are back.

  7. my mother resisted antidepressants for the last 20 years of her life. She needed them.
    I have promised my kids that if they ever tell me I am depressed, I will take them. Life is too short to waste feeling bad. Good for you!!

  8. Hi mouth is watering at those rolls! I also had the worst winter ever as far as depression goes...even on antidepressants...when home all I did was the absolute minimum and sleep...nothing I tried worked...hoping your meds bring you back to "normal" glad the kids are around to keep you interacting...hugs

  9. Wow! Those rolls look delicious! I can almost smell them baking through the computer! lol! :-) Craftsy offers so many great classes... I've taken 3 on quilting. Haven't made the quilts that go with the class yet... but, I learned a bunch! Very happy that you went and talked with your doctor about treating your depression... now you're well on your way to enjoying your family, the beauty that is Spring, and your new addition to your home! Looking forward to hearing from you more often! Hugs!

  10. Hi Pat,
    These long winters can sure take their toll on those of us who suffer from any degree of depression. I think you did the right thing by getting and taking some medication. It's so good to see you posting and baking!! Oh my goodness my mouth is watering as I imagine how wonderful it would be to sink my teeth into one of those rolls! Pretty as a picture too!
    I hope you are having some of this gorgeous weather we've been having the last few days! It is certainly healing to feel the warnth of the sun! LOVE your shed and your gardens look so neat and well kept! I hope that as the weather improves you find renewed strenght and energies to do the things you love! Keep on taking the meds and finding comfort in the fur kids! They know how to make their Momma well!! I sure miss your posts dear friend!!
    Hugs and more hugs!!
    Cathy G

  11. Missed seeing your posts, I do look for them.
    So thankful you have made a turn for the better.
    I love the shed!
    But boys howdy those rolls look great!!
    Hope you have a wonderful garden year.


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