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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Daddy Day

                                                       Brad and Zip last summer

Brad and Kami came today to celebrate Fathers' Day and to do yard work.
They have been coming every week to help out with the endless mowing and weeding that is required to keep our property even halfway decent.  Even when we were younger we were never able to totally  keep ahead of all the yard work and now that we're old it's impossible without help.  Thankfully Brad likes working outdoors.

Last week they picked strawberries that I didn't even realize were out there in all the weeds.  Two whole bowls full!  I wasn't prepared.  Didn't have any powdered pectin to make freezer jam (my favorite).  So I sent Zip off to the grocery store to get some before going fishing.  He brought home the pectin and then headed off to the Big Spring and I got to work.  Out came the sugar jar.  Oh no, it's going to be close!  I needed eight cups of sugar and only have seven!  Thank goodness for cell phones.

So on the way home from fishing he stopped and got sugar.  Did I mention that he likes to fish till just after dark???  So at 10 p.m. I'm making strawberry jam.  By 11:30 it is finished and the picture is taken. Kind of a dim photo, but that's what you get that lose to midnight.

Today they dug out hostas and moved them to some new locations, planted lilies, mulched with cocoa shells and mowed.  And picked more strawberries.

                                                      Behind the summer kitchen

Then we had the Fathers' Day lunch of lobster, asparagus, baked potato and salad.  I only took one picture of Zip eating lunch and it came out terrible.  He looked like he had eaten a stink bug!  Ha-ha!!!  Brad and Kami brought an ice cream cake for dessert from Windy Knoll grocery in Chambersburg.  They make their own home-made ice cream which they use in the cakes.  It was yummy.

So here is father and son this year, enjoying a relaxing moment on the front porch.

Thanks for stopping in.  Hope all of you took time today to remember your fathers and to celebrate the men in your life.

 My father (he's the one with his hands on the ears of his younger brother) in 1945 shortly after he came home from WW2.  That's his father holding the two little children and all of his brothers.  There were just as many sisters.  It was a large family.

                                                                    Portrait of my Dad. 
                                                                     He loved fishing.


  1. It's so nice that the kids come to do your yard work. I love what they did with the Hostas. It looks so tidy and professionally done. Mine are getting crowdy now.

    I'm sure it was worth the wait for the sugar for the fresh strawberry jam. I bet Zip didn't catch a big trout like your dad did. I hope that he enjoyed his father's day fishing. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY Zip

    Take care, hugs,

  2. How lucky that Brad and Kami come to help!
    That is a wonderful picture of father and son from last year. This year they don't look quite as!
    Lunch sounded yummy.
    Happy Father's Day to Zip and Brad.
    Hugs :)

  3. Oh my..strawberries already!! And jam already too! Mine are still in the green stage! The hosta garden looks fabulous! It has to be so nice to have the helping hands with the yard!
    LOVE the painting of your Dad! And your menfolk are so handsome sitting there on the porch! They deserved that great Father's Day meal!
    Cathy G

  4. Mmmm... fresh strawberry jam! :-) Your yard is looking great! Happy Father's Day to Zip!

  5. Lobster and ice cream cake yum! Sounds like a great day. I love looking at old photos. We recently found a box of them and thankfully my grandmother had dated and added the names to the back of the photos. I think she would have made a great blogger. She had a little story or comment on many of the photos.

  6. Your Father looks a kindly man Pat, I love those old photos.
    I'm so pleased for you that Brad and Cami are helping in the garden and can't get over how much Brad looks like Zip..


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