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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day Out with Knitting at Large

What a great day!
Good friends, a great meeting place, lots of food and yarn!  Does it get any better than that???

Zip and I made the two-hour drive down to Brunswick, MD for the monthly Knitting at Large meeting.  Brunswick is a delightful little town along the Potomac River just east of Harpers Ferry.  We met in a historic church turned cafe called Beans in the Belfry.

 Talk about a cool funky place!
There were comfy sofas and chairs for reading and relaxing. 

A Christmas tree and a warm inviting fireplace.

Look at the lovely ceiling.

The sun was shining in through the stained glass windows throwing a golden light over us as we worked.

Brenda modeling her intricately knit shawl.

Nancy knit this heavily cabled child's sweater.  Isn't it amazing?

Julie knit this delightful cardigan in graduated shades of pink.


When I go to these meetings I'd rather talk than knit.  There's just too much interesting chatting going on to be able to concentrate.

Then there was the food!
It's all made from scratch, right there in the cafe.  Fresh and delicious, home-made goodness.

I had the cup of  chili with a corn muffin.  Zip had a breakfast croissant with egg, bacon and cheese.

And a lovely cup of latte for dessert!

After lunch we took a short walk down the street to the Two Rivers Yarn Shop.

They were having a spinning class with supported drop spindles.
With the participants in the class plus all of our group, it was very crowded in the small shop.  I was still able to get a few pictures of all the luscious yarn.

Well, ladies, it was an enjoyable day!  Hope to see all of you next month....

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  1. What a nice way to spend your day having a lot of great fun being with girls who love to knit.I must say that they are all great knitters, making beautiful sweaters and shawls. I wouldn't mind having one of those warm wool sweater on at the moment. it's cold in the office and I'm freezing. The temperature dropped this evening and it's very cold outside.

    The food looks so yummy and I'm so glad that you are feeling so much better than last year at about this time.

    I'm ready to move that big rock and I was wondering if that little girl will put up a fuss being dragged out of her fishing hole, lol

    Have a great weekend Pat.
    Hugs for all of you and furry babies too.

  2. I meant to add that I love the old church still being used for gathering stitches. What a transformation.


  3. So happy you had your day out! Everything they made is so great, and the food looks wonderful. I love the tree, the mantle & esp. the stain glass windows! The shop looks great too, I would love to visit both!

  4. Great seeing you and Zip today!

  5. Hey Pat... would you be willing to teach a newbie how to knit???? I've always to learn how to do more than just going back and forth on the needles.

  6. Hi Pat,
    Thank-you for taking us along to your knitting group! I LOVE the church converted to a shop.... it must feel very comforting with all the good food and wool surrounding one!
    I wish we had such places for gathering here in our neck of the woods..... my studio is about it!
    Will look forward to seeing what you are knitting!
    Cathy G

  7. What a lovely day you had ...and I loved all the creations. I think that cafe looks such fun glad it has a second life ...sort of a recycling of a building. xx

  8. Beans in the Belfry looks like a heavenly place to sit and knit with friends! So cozy! All of the sweaters are beautiful! I can't even imagine how much counting and paying attention is involved with sweater knitting... talent!

  9. Beans in the Belfry. I love it!
    Thanks for taking us along. Such talented knitters!
    Hugs :)

  10. Lovely to see you as always, my friend, and your beloved husband, too. Hope to see you in January. Merry Christmas! xxxooo

  11. Looks like it was a fun day with friends, my gosh that pink sweater is beautiful!!!

  12. omg !!! That had to been a most wonderful day!!!! What beautiful surroundings!! I am a rug hooker, but my mom was a knitter, and when I see beautiful knitted items reminds me of her. We both love and have done a lot of different crafts, my favorites are cross stitching and rug hooking........Merry Christmas!!


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