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kitty companiona

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Senior Moment

Still doing well on Weight Watchers.  Made it through Thanksgiving without a problem.  Brad, Kami, Zip and I went to the Golden Corral and had a nice dinner with no cooking or clean-up.  They had a generous selection of foods including many steamed veggie sides.
I know that when a person loses weight, the loss of bone and muscle mass can be a problem without proper exercise.  My nemesis!!!  I've been trying to start an exercise program.  Trying, but not succeeding!
My plan was to start going to the local Strong Women group.  This is a weight training and nutrition program geared toward older women.
It's a six-week course.  By the time I ordered my weights and they were delivered, there were only two sessions left in the course.  I'd have to wait till the first of next year to begin.
I knew that our Shippensburg Senior Center has thai chi classes so checked their website.  They also have Zumba, line dancing and chair pilates.  And most are free!  Our lottery profits at work???
Zip and I went to check it out.  Both of us joined up.  Zip for the lunches (LOL!) and me for the exercise and whatever other things sound interesting.  I know Senior Centers get a bum rap.  My Mom who is 88 said she wouldn't join that because there's too many Old People!!!  Well, I'm not so vain that I can't admit that I'm a senior!  I'm rather proud of it.  Zip and I want to be living proof that seniors don't have to be fogies (I guess there could be opposing opinions on that!  ha-ha!)
Yesterday I took my first Zumba class.  Big discovery:  my bottom half and my top half are no longer in sync!  If I concentrate on doing the arm movements, my legs are doing who knows what and vice versa.  And where has my sense of rhythm  and coordination gone???  It was a hoot!!!  No, there are NO PICTURES!!!
It was fun.  I will be going back....
Otherwise life has been pretty normal.  Sewing, cooking, spending time with the kitties.
I've been working on a uniform jacket for Brad and Kami.
Isabel is trying it on!  Do ya think it fits???
She is such a character!  I'm trying to work on a piece and she's burrowing under it!
Deiter and Penny are having a quiet afternoon of snuggling.  Something that they don't often do without a little hissing and 'you're-on-my-spot' discussion.
We have had for several years a group of feral cats living in the neighborhood.  We feed them.  Yes, I know, you feed them, they're yours.  About two months ago two young ones showed up, a little orange long-hair and a little dilute calico.  I love ALL cats, but those little calico girls just have a special place in my heart.  This little girl was so scared to begin with that she hid in our summer kitchen for weeks.  Finally she began coming out.  Last Friday she came close enough for me to touch and that was the beginning.  She is now in my upstairs weaving room.  She's been to the vet (and was a very good girl!) and has a clean bill of health.  Just a two week isolation period and she will be ready to be introduced to the rest of the group.
Pictures next time!
I must go get Zip out of bed.  He doesn't know it yet, but we are going to the movies this afternoon to see 'Lincoln'.  I've heard it's good!
The moon setting over the mountains earlier this morning.
Have a great day! 


  1. Oh, Pat ~ I've been wanting to take Zumba but thought I was too old ~ are there any other of us 'middle aged' people there? I thnk it looks like such fun!! You go, girl!!! And I love your sweet kitty pix ~ you're an easy touch, aren't you? Now their in the weaving room!!!!!! I'd love to see Zumba pix!!!!

  2. Most of my coworkers who zumba are in their lates 50s/60s...looks like so much fun! I do weight lifting during commercials when watching certain shows...then back to hooking once the show starts...

    My parents (both 89) want nothing to do with the senior "anything"...too many old people...sigh, then they complain they've outlived everyone they grew up with...

    your cats look so contented...just the way it should be...

  3. I've heard of Zumba but never was quite sure of what it was? I'm picturing your top half doing different than your bottom half! lol! Too funny! Deiter and Penny look so content. And that moon... WOW... been lighting up the evenings so bright too! As the years go by, I am liking the idea of Thanksgiving at a restaurant more and more... I enjoy the tastes of the entire meal... but I'd rather hook than cook? lol! Enjoy the magic of the season!

  4. Pat, I'm really proud of you. I did laugh out loud about your Mom not wanting to join a seniors centre. My Auntie says the same thing (plus she lies about her age) I think she should embrace every year, which is what it sounds like you and Zip are doing. Way to go!!
    P.S. The cuddling kitties are adorable. Can't wait to meet the new addition.

  5. Pat,
    I enjoyed your post so much and can certainly relate to the body parts being out of sync as we age! The Zumba sounds like so much fun and just getting out of the house and doing something is great! Laughing is a form of exercise for heart and mind!
    Dave's Mom is 92 and she says the same thing about not wanting to go do things with "those old people" at the senior center! LOL! But she does go eat there!
    Bless your heart for rescuing the little girl kittie! She picked your house for good reason!
    Let me know if the movie was good! I'd love to go see it God willing I could get away for an evening!
    Cathy G

  6. Hi Pat, I'm so glad that you are still doing great with Weight Watcher and that you are planning to exercise. I'm all for the fun way to exercise. You have a great sense of humour about the body parts not in sync. I hope that you both have fun.

    Bless your heart for taking the little girl kittie. She will be as spoiled as the boys once she gets to have the run of the house. She's a lucky girl.

    Enjoy the movie. I hope that you like it.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hi Pat, I am so glad that Weight Watchers is working for you. I know if you follow the plan it really does work. So stick with it and you will feel so much better.
    And now for the exercise like you it is nil,if these old bones were not in pain so much I would be out there walking every day... But first I must get rid of my excess weight .
    I too have a new addition to the family. My son's dog is living with us permanently.
    Keep up the good work, Nettie

  8. Pat ~
    So good to see a post from you!
    Congrats on the continued success of WW. I did that a number of years ago and it really worked. I need to get back...sigh. I have hear that Zumba is great fun. I know I should MAKE time to exercise, but I don't...sigh again.
    Love the pics of Deiter and Penny! I look forward to meeting your new furbaby.
    Hugs :)

  9. Your cats are so sweet and I'm looking forward to meeting the new arrival. I received the most beautiful gift from you, Pat. I will be posting about it soon. My goodness, you are a very talented lady. Love it. Thank you so much. Deb

  10. I am curious, Pat....why your blog address is
    Isn't that Canada, but don't you live it PA?
    you got me puzzled.

  11. Oh Pat, I can hardly wait to meet your new girl!!!! What a good-hearted person you are to take her in :-) I've been to zumba before and although it is a lot of fun it is super hard work too wouldn't you agree? I think it takes a while to get familiar with all the moves then it should be smooth sailing after that :-) Keep up the good work!!!

  12. Can't wait for pics of the new little one! Am totally loving all the pics of Deiter and the gang! You get the best shots and have such a happy household! Way to go on the weight loss - you have more nerve than me - I don't think I could bring myself to go inside a zumba class let alone "move" like they do without bringing down the roof! (I'm so uncoordinated - kinda like Godzilla thru the city!) Anyway - I do hope I get to see you soon!

  13. Oh had to giggle at your Mom's comments - my parents who are 82 both still say the same type of things about the "old People" - LOL And my grandmother did it into her 90's! Guess in our hearts we never get old!


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