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kitty companiona

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring??? Maybe!

We can Hope!.  The weather has been WONDERFUL!  Zip rototilled a section of the garden and we planted snap peas and swiss chard.  No the violets aren't blooming....yet!  But I've seen daffodils.

I will keep this short because my computer is going down fast.

First I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my two dear friends in the UK.

Happy Birthday,  Angie at Shozzy's Place!

And Happy Birthday, Briony at Crafty-Cats-Corner!

Ladies, we might be a year older, but we're just getting BETTER!!!  Like fine wine.  Happy next year and many more!

Several weeks ago I decided to rearrange my work and sewing area by putting in another nice long table for cutting fabric.  The computer was turned off for a few days while I moved the furniture around.  I wanted the computer on a table where Deiter and I would both fit (LOL) without him having to be laying on the keyboard and sitting in front of the screen.

The computer is now in the corner of the room with a window on either side and plenty of cat room.  It's working out well except for....  the puter is wonky!  I keep getting all kinds of error messages and frequently it won't let me click on my internet connection.  It seems to have lost it's mind.

So I will be shopping for another used one that will hopefully last for ten years like this one did.  Maybe a laptop would be good.

I'll have to start disengaging from this one over the next week and setting up a new one.  So it may be a while before I get back here.

Take care, everyone, till then.
We'll be back!


  1. Hey Pat,
    Hope you enjoyed your Birthday. Hope you find a computer suitable for your needs and don't have too much trouble getting everything switched over. It sure does take time. Hope you are back to posting when it's up and running. and I hope the weather is putting a smile on your face and a spring in your step!

  2. Oh well Pat, we're another year older aren't we? but do we long as our fingers still work and we can see to do our crafts I think we'll both be happy.
    I was just wondering where you had got to as it is some time ago you posted.
    It's always a bit daunting getting a new computer isn't it, but exciting as well. I always say that I will keep the new one clean and clear but it doesn't take long for it to be clogged up with stuff. lol
    Glad all the kitties are okay, ours are fine too, still entertaining us.
    Great to see the bulbs arriving and the birds are busy too.
    Keep well both of you

  3. I knew it, I knew it! There is such a word as 'wonky' - we live too far apart to have divined that word together!

    Sorry about the computer, but they really are disposable. (Either that or I am terrible hard on them) I am on my 5th or 6th one and it has issues, like the screen flashing black, freezing. My son couldn't find the problem, he said when it finally died to just toss it. Sigh... I do worry about being the main contributor to the landfills.

    Deiter will love having a table to share, but be warned, he's still gonna want to get between you and the monitor, he wants the attention! LOL!

    We'll see you when you get all set up! Have a great day!

  4. Isn't it wonderful to see signs of spring already. It is so warm here it feels like JUNE...20C today, that's 68F!!!

    Pat my vote definitely goes for a laptop. They are so versatile, I love that I can take mine anywhere and even lie in bed wile I surf the net and visit blogs. They take up so little space, no need for that giant box CPU. I have an IBM Thinkpad and it is fantastic!

  5. So good to read your blog agin, hope spring brings many blessings, including a new computer for you to use, and good space for your kitty friends to help you work. Enjoy your garden!

  6. It's so nice hearing from you Pat and that you have your peas and swiss Chard planted. I'm jealous because we still have snow on the ground. My potatoes are sprouting in the potato bin, lol. Just a hint that spring is close by.

    Sorry that you have to replace the old puter. Will be waiting to hear from you soon. Wishing you a great St Patrick Day. Take care. Hugs. JB

  7. Hi Pat,
    I sure hope you get your puter all connected real soon! I would love a laptop but have to wait until this one dies first!!
    Spring ( even a little like summer here today.... in the 70's) hard to believe! I can't believe it will last though!
    The weather keeps getting stranger every year!

    Will be anxiously awaiting your reveal of the new set-up!
    Cathy G

  8. Pat ~
    I hope you get your computer issues resolved. I bought a cheap laptop about a year and I half ago. I like its portability, but I still prefer my desktop!
    Our weather in northern Ohio has been absolutely gorgeous for the last week! It's May weather. I hope we don't get our March weather in May! I have been doing yard work like crazy and hope to get the spring clean-up done today. I'm lovin' it!!!
    Pug hugs to the kitties :)

  9. I hope all your tech issues get fixed quickly. We miss you!

  10. Hope the new computer switch is flawless - miss hearing from you! Happy Spring to you! Love the pic of Dieter!

  11. Thanks for your lovely comments about Maddie ...I was going to say 'its me again' but there was no comment previously ...I know I read your blog ...remembered the violets and the expression on Dieters face ...must have done something wrong ...ho hum ...definately another year older lol xx


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