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kitty companiona

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Nice to be Kneaded

We had one wonderful week of delightful weather and then the rains came.
Anyone who lives on the east coast knows how bad it was.  I hope most of you have made it through without too much damage and inconvenience.

We are lucky to live in an area where flooding seldom occurs.  We did have a nice trout stream (Zip wishes!!!) running through our front yard.

With the cooler weather, the cats have been VERY active.  The earlier hot weather had them laying low under the fans.  Now they are in high gear, running wild through the house and jumping on the furniture.  Though once in a while they do take time for some "Mommy Moments'.

Penny loves to knead on my arms while I'm sitting at the computer.  But an arm covered by clothing will NOT DO!  She will knead on my hand if it the only part uncovered.  Those little feet can do some pressing!  I've been left with bruises several times.

Look at those lovely copper eyes.  Perfect for a girl named Penny

Hiding in the trash can after we put in a clean bag.  Those eyes are looking a bit wild and excited.

Isabel had loved Deiter from the moment she came to live with us.
He wasn't sure he wanted to be friends with a pesky little female, but finally he had surrendered to her charms.  She is charming, isn't she?

 They like to lay in the sewing table and keep me company while I work.

In the evening there is the excitement of watching for moths on the window screen.  Reggie and Isabel are having a little stand-off to see who gets control of the window sill.

There are times when living with cats boggles my sanity.

I used to have a little sage green wallet.  It was small and thin and didn't hold much because it didn't need to.This was back in the days when the only cards I had to carry were my driver's license and social security number.  Way before credit cards, bonus cards and three forms of picture ID were necessary.  I hadn't seen this wallet in probably thirty years and had no idea what had become of it.  If asked, I probably would have said that I threw it out long ago.

This was laying in the middle of the living room floor yesterday morning when I came downstairs!

Where they found it, I have no idea!!!  They can't open dresser drawers.  They hadn't been to the attic.  I can not imagine where they were digging around!  It just blows my mind!

And more crazy-making, only not so mysterious.  Our faucets on the bathroom sink recently went bad beyond repair so last weekend we decided to go to Lowe's and check out the options.  We came home with a nice attractive brass set.  While Zip was taking off the old faucets, I kept hearing grumbling about how darn heavy the old sink (an antique) was.  So I finally asked if he would rather get a new pedestal sink and install it along with the new fixtures.  Another trip to Lowe's.

We got home and unpacked our purchases.  Zip sat the basin on the treadmill until he was ready to install it.  Guess what!  It fits!!!

Doesn't it look great??? 

The strip of wood along the back is to hold it tightly in place so when the 20-lb. monster jumps up he will not cause it to wobble.  It's also fastened to the wall with a sturdy bracket.  We keep a stool beside the sink to discourage him from jumping directly on the edge of the sink.  We will be painting the strip to match the wainscoting.

We also installed a Biffy Bidet on the toilet.  I've been wanting some kind of bidet device for years and have finally found this fairly inexpensive one.

And yes, after a week of using it, I love my Biffy!

In my spare time, I've been working on the sweater.  I'm below the underarm on the body and I have one sleeve finished.  It's kind of fun to work from the top down so it can be tried on for length as I go along.

No rug hooking right now, but am going to start on a project for a friend which I can't show yet and I want to do something for fall.

I'm getting tired of typing!  I think it's time for a break.
Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. You have a really neat house, I love the old fashioned ones! Nice that you can fill it with lovely kitties!

    My cat has lost more things than she has found - she has a passion for 'all that glitters'. Nice that somebody found your little wallet!

    Love the new sink! I would love a pedestal and have a dresser in there, but DH says no.... The sink looks really nice with the wainscoting.

    So, you like the biffy - I always wanted a bidet, maybe DH could find me one of those! He wouldn't need an additional stack that way. Hmm, very interesting! Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi Pat,
    Love your post today! The kitties are so full of fun and mystery! Very interesting how they found that wallet! Did you check to see if it had a large bill you maybe forgot about? Our Max loves to smell and stick his nose in the ladies purses when they come!! Oh my we've had some incidents with that! LOL!
    LOVE your new basin and the bidet is lovely too! Gives the water closet a rather French ambience doesn't it! I think I'll bring that up to hubby as I've always thought it would be nice to have one! ( fat chance though after my recent big purchase LOL!)
    I LOVE the expression on Dieters face in that photo! Looks like he is sooooooo pleased with his new sink!
    Hoping you stay safe from all that flooding out there! When is it ever going to let up?!!
    Stay kneeded and busy!!
    Cathy G

  3. Pat, it's so nice to be kneaded. Cats sure have a way of expressing their love to their Mama. Even cats are affected by the change of the season just like us.

    I love those great cat pictures and your sink, and it's Ditter approved. Maybe I need a bidet too. lol...

    I'm glad that Zip isn't fishing in your front yard. Here the river is still high from all the rain.

    I hope that your legs are much better these days. I hope the cooler temperature helps. Take care. Hugs JB

  4. Pat, I smiled all the way through those pictures. Those kitties are hours and hours of cheap entertainment. I just love the look on Deiters face in the sink. He appears so proud of himself.
    I have lots of misplaced things in my house - Can I borrow the kitties? They seem to excellent little detectives.

  5. Hi Pat! I love your new sink full of kitties and the expression on Deiter's face is just proud of himself. Very funny about the wallet I wonder where they found it and what else lurks in that treasure trove! Yes the weather has been beautiful lately, I think we will be sitting on our back deck tonight with some wine. Enjoy the weekend :-)

  6. Some things just can't be explained - like the wallet showing up out of no where.

    Loved the post

  7. I call cat kneading, making puddings but it is so painful when they need to have their claws clipped. As it is so expensive to have the vet do it, Jay does it when she has time. With 18 it is quite a job ....some are so difficult to do, it takes two, a towel, a glove and bravery lol.

    I once found one of our little ones curled up, inside a closed drawer ....still not sure how she did it so anything is possible when it comes to cats.

    I love the faces of the two that are chilling in the basins and Reggie in the stand-off.

    Hope you are both keeping well. xx

  8. I just love getting caught up with you and the cat brigade! I just can't get over Deiter and Isabel. They look perfect together. I'm glad the sink worked out. We have a leaky faucet, but we can finesse it by shutting it off really slowly! LOL

    I can't wait to see your knitting and future rug projects!

  9. Pat,
    Your furbaby pictures are priceless. You have such a knack for capturing their personalities. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you are high and dry.
    Pug hugs :)

  10. I'm worn out just reading this post!
    Cats...remember the poem, 'Cats sleep anywhere'?
    Well, they only choose CLEAN anywheres'!
    Love the pics of the cats. Do any of your cats play in/with water? My Katie cat does inside and outside and causes no end of mess! Bless her!

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

    P.S thanks for the knitting pattern info.

  11. So glad you are not near the big floods... the stories I have been reading about the rivers in PA is very scary! Love all the pics of the kitties! The porcelain must feel so nice and cool to them... Cooler weather on the way! Can't wait for fall!

  12. What a great lounging sink! I am a big kneader, too. When I do it, I always touch my mouth to whatever part I am kneading (sort of pretend nursing). My Mommeh thinks it is very cute.

  13. Great post Pat! I loved all of the pictures - Dieter in the sink is priceless. Glad you got oe that fit him!

  14. What a cool crew you have! Who needs a TV when you have them to watch and entertain you - Thanks for the great pics - Give each a hug for me! Oh too funny about that wallet - wonder which one was the super sleuth? Have a great week!

  15. Oh Pat, your kitties are growing so fast. It's great that Dieter has accepted them. I love him in the sink, he looks so pleased with himself.
    Take care and be safe.

  16. Hi Pat, Your kitties just crack me up.....TOO sweet! Nice sink by the way...

  17. Nice sink Pat. Looks like the little ones are very pleased too. Loved their expressions! I wonder what else will be brought out from hiding that you haven't seen in a long time :)

  18. Hi there ...its just me again ...hoping you both are keeping well....looking forward to seeing your next project. xx

  19. Sounds like the cats provide endless entertainment. I love the photos of kitties in the sink, too funny.

    I have often found things that I thought were long lost in the middle of the floor. I think my cats are hoarders and someday I will find their secret stash of everything I am missing!

  20. Love the rugs,just wondering the web,and blogs came across your blog and put you on my favorites!I hook and work alot with wool,quilt,am an artist by trade,worked 35 years painting on glass.Retired but paint and work with material more than ever. Alice


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