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kitty companiona

Thursday, August 11, 2011

They Gave me the Boot

First, an update on Zip.
He got the report from his 24-hour heart monitor and it was fine.  His heart is only skipping a beat occasionally.  He's quit smoking and has cut way back on the caffeine.  I just wish more restaurants offered decaf iced tea!  The doc says he is good to do whatever he feels he can handle.  Mostly playing the guitar and fishing!

This past month has been soooo hot.  Ever since I was pregnant with Brad I have had problems with fluid retention and varicose veins in my legs.  It's worse in the summer heat and because of it I wear generic low cost support hose.  This year has been particularly bad because the heat has made me so sluggish and unwilling to do anything that amounts to the tiniest bit of exercise.  Through that high 90's stuff I sat in the house in front of the fans trying just to breathe.  Also my legs were so swollen that I could only get my most stretched out support hose on, which totally defeated the purpose. 

My legs have paid the price.  They became so infused with fluid I began getting blisters.  When the blisters began to seep, I was freaking out over the chance of infection.  Sooooo....I bit the bullet and went to the doctor, knowing that I would not like what I would be told.  He made an appointment for me to go the wound clinic in Chambersburg right away.  Yikes!!!

The looked at my legs and were very positive about the outcome.  They have the cure!  But first....they had to SCRAPE the affected area.  With a SCALPEL!  Discomfort is a gross understatement.  Excruciating is more like it!  But then a soothing gel was applied and several layers of nice tight leg wraps that felt wonderful.  This treatment is called the unnaboot (pronounced uni-boot).

I go twice a week for a rewrap.
The swelling is way down and the seepage has stopped.  I think I'm on the way to recovery.  They told me I can go about all my normal activities, but must take time out periodically to put my feet up and sleep with my legs elevated.  I actually feel so much better that I've been using the treadmill and spending extra time walking around in the grocery story.  At least I may end up with two thinner body parts!  Ha-ha!!!

As part of my recovery, Willa, Diane and I went out to eat last evening.
Our pick for this month was the Cafe d'Italia on the square in Chambersburg.

We've eaten here before and enjoyed it.
Our appetizer was baked brie on fingers of Italian bread with a topping of fruit chutney.

Diane chose the special of the day, chicken and spinach ravioli topped with cream sauce and more spinach and chicken breast.

Eggplant parm is Willa's favorite.

For me, chicken salcicci with chicken breast, spicy sausage, spinach and onion in an oil and white wine sauce with lots of garlic.  Yum!!!

It was a huge portion so half of mine went home for Zip and I to share for lunch.

The desserts:  a frozen pistachio pudding with swirls of chocolate and nuts on top and in the back is limoncello.

They have an open kitchen so that you can see the food being prepared.
It's one of Chambersburg's nicer places to enjoy a meal.

Several weeks ago Lauren from Rugs and Pugs visited our town.  She showed a picture on her blog of our lovely fountain in the center of town.  You can see the fountain from the outdoor dining area of the Cafe d'Italia.

There are two other fountains in town which most people don't know about unless you have grown up here.  One is at the Chambersburg power and light plant near the firehouse on south Second Street.

But my favorite is the fountain at the intersection of King Street and Glenn Street in the lovely early 1900's residential area in the west end of town.  It's a little treasure!

I want to thank Sharon from Moosecraft for the wonderful book I won in her give-away.  It's the Rughooker's Bible written by Gene Shephard.  I don't know why I haven't already purchased this book because it's so full of useful information.  Even though I try to be a primitive hooker, I'm still interested in being able to do shading.  This book has so many wonderful pictures and instructions
for things I've been wanting to learn that I've decided my next project will have to be designed around some of these techniques.

Thank you, thank you, Sharon!  I love it!!!

The weather has been a bit cooler the past few days.  The sky is clear and blue and the breezes are mild.  Perfect weather!
I hope it's as pleasant where you are.


  1. First, I'm glad Zip is doing better. But that is terrible about your legs. I had shivers reading it, thinking how painful it must have been. I hope they continue to heal quickly with no infection. You two have had your share of doctor visits lately . Now Stop It, both of you!
    I want to go out to dinner with you someday. Your food pics always look so great. Yummy

  2. Oh, Pat, I am having trouble leaving comments again and blogger ate my first one....gggrrrr!
    Anyway, as I was saying, I am glad Zip is doing better and has quit smoking. It is so hard. Been there and done that...more than once :)
    Hopefull the worst of your problems are behind you. Please take care of yourself!
    Those food pics made me SO HUNGRY. That appetizer looks scrumptious!
    Wink and I happened upon that fountain in the intersection when we were there. It is just too cool!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Pat,
    I'm so glad to hear Zip is doing better..... and quit smoking! That is really really wonderful! You have to be so proud of that guy!
    Now for the lady...... I can't imagine what you had to go through! Ouch! I hope the worst is behind you and you continue to improve. You have a marvelous attitude about keeping going and doing some things you love despite the problems! That is so wonderful! I will send all the positive energies I have your way and some nice cool days too! It sure helps when we don't have to suffer with the heat and humidity.
    Take good care of yourself Pat!
    Cathy G

  4. Goodness Pat, that business with scraping your legs, sent shivers up my spine. I retain a lot of fluid, but nothing to that extent. Glad you are doing so much better now!

    Great that Zip is doing so much better! It's the staying quit that some folks find so hard. It's kind of scary when your heart skips a beat or two, so glad that has lessened.

    That looks like some great food! Nice to get out and chew the fat and enjoy a meal!

  5. Lord love your heart, how brave you are. Just reading about it, oh my! Hoping that you do so well healing, I am so thankful Zip is doing so good. God bless you both. That food, Wow! I honestly need to not read your blog at night! It looked so appealing, I wanted to run for my car and find the nearest restaurant!

  6. Oh Pat - first thank goodness Zip is doing so well - Now you young lady! I cannot believe your legs - I'm so sorry you are going thru that! Do you need to invest maybe into a small a/c for one room maybe to alleviate some of this in this heat? You need to take care of yourself - we NEED you! Oh my those food pics made me hungry - you are so lucky you have someone to go out with around your area and taste test different restaurants (can only get my husband on a rare occaasion!) Never saw that fountain or that part of town I guess

  7. Wow! That's an amazing story about the leg scraping!!! I'm with all the gals above ~ take good care of yourself, Pat ~ you're important to all of us!! This heat has been a killer ~ a/c in even one room would help you immensely!! Glad to hear Zip s minding his p's and q's ~ that's a big deal for a man!!! Take care, friend!

  8. I am so sorry that you have had leg problems ...and severe ones at that ... like me you hate going to the docs but I am glad you bit the bullet and are now on the road to recovery ...the treatment sounded VERY painful. On the other ..well done Zip on now being a non smoker ...glad the heart rarely misses a beat iuts when he is near you lol.
    That meal looked gorgeous ...I love warm Brie any way ...and a whole hot Camembert (Baked in the oven) as a dip is yummy too.
    Love the photos of the fountains.
    Please take care of your self ...and Zip ... I feel you are two special friends. xx

  9. It's wonderful to hear that Zip is feeling much better. I'm so happy he has been able to quit cigarettes...that's quite an accomplishment.

    I am worried to hear about your legs and the painful treatment you had to have. But, I am glad you went straight to the doctor's. I don't like going to the doctor either, but sometimes you just gotta! I'll be saying prayers for your quick recovery. I don't like AC, but my husband insisted when we had that real hot week. I couldn't have done it without it. I think maybe you should dedicate one room as the AC room to have a bit of a break from the severe heat.

    The restaurant you went to sounds great and the food looked yummy. I especially like that appetizer idea.

    Please take good care. You're in my thoughts!

  10. glad your legs are feeling better. the food looks wonderful.
    Our weather is just beautiful also.

  11. Good news about Zip, but oh Pat, poor you! I'm sorry to hear about your legs it must be very painful and it's been so terribly hot this summer. I'm glad the doctor acted promptly and you are getting some treatment, hopefully you will be better soon.

    Your dinner out looks mouthwatering!

  12. Congrat's to Zip for his continued success with not smoking. Tell him to keep it up!
    I'm so happy you went to the doctors and that they could do something for your legs. Sounded Very painful! Happy to hear you are feeling some relief and were able to do the treadmill and walk more! Praying that you have continued healing. Want to see more of you at the hook ins :).
    congrat's on winning the book from Sharon. It is a good book. And great shots of Chambersburg Square! Hope to see you soon.

  13. Oh Pat! Take care of yourself! I would imagine your legs to be very uncomfortable (even before the scraping)... it's good to hear that you are getting some relief! The cooler days ahead might help too. I'm also happy to hear that the monitor showed nothing major with Zip's condition... tell him keep up the good work with the quitting smoking! :-) As always you find the yummiest restaurants in the area! I'm glad you are enjoying your book! So much information in that one. Have a super weekend! Give that handsome Dieter a pat on the head from me!

  14. So good to hear they are getting your leg problems under control. My dad had something very similar.
    Happy hubby is back to be able to do the things he loves. Guitar playing.
    Rug hookers Bible is an excellent book, mine is loaned out right now. Need to keep track of it. Congratulations on your winning it.

  15. Hi Pat, SO sorry to hear about you and Zip! My goodness...I hope both of you are feeling better.....Tell him good on the 'not' smoking and both of you take care of yourselves. Glad you are getting treatment for your legs...Sounds so painful....We send you both prayers...Please take care...

  16. Hooray for Zip! Quitting smoking is a real accomplishment...great that he's feeling better...

    Sorry to hear about your legs...the treatment sounds barbaric...wishing you speedy healing...

  17. My dear Pat,

    I am delighted to learn that he has stopped smoking but it is only the beginning as there is much more to do, coming from one person who had a triple by-pass. Even now I have to keep a close eye on what I am eating, so when I look t all the delicious food you have photographed, I fear the intake in calories was more than what should be taken in.

    I may sound like someone spoiling the fun, but going out often for meals is not a good thing as you have no real way to control the salt and other items like the sauce that sends the calorie count over the top.

    I like my sweets, especially chocolate and ice cream and have to constantly watch my intake, especially when on those days when I spend more time behind the computer and find myself less on my feet walking. I use a pedometer and I am able to track steps, milage and calories burned, but make sure to customize the settings to a nomad step distance to obtain a better reading, should you decide to purchase; something I recommend.

    Now i will get off my soap box.

    Warmest regards,

  18. Hi Pat,it's been a while since I visited your blog and I got so far behind in my comments.

    My visit left this morning to go to Prince Edward Island and will return with some fresh yummy lobsters for me. I thought that I would take this opportunity to check upon you.

    Wow, woman, I'm glad that you didn't wait one more minute and went to the doctor. I freaking out just thinking of having your legs scraped as I type. I'm I had water retention in my hands, feet and legs when pregnant too. It feels awful. I hope that you heal real fast. Behave yourself and take good care of yourself.

    I so proud of Zip for his will power about quitting smoking. I hope that you both have a great fall with nice weather. We are having showers today. Hugs to both of you. JB

  19. So glad Zip is doing better and that you got those legs taken care of. Hoping they heal really fast. Loved seeing your pull toy rug in the last post...just beautiful!

  20. Hope your legs continue to improove ...thanks for the lovely comment on my trip ...thought you might like to know that they are useing the cafe walls like a gallery for local artists.xx


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