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Friday, November 6, 2009

Can't Wait to Start Quilting

A few weeks ago I discovered the blog, Mennonite Girls Can Cook. They have some wonderful recipes! Being a bread lover (love to make it, love to eat it!) I just had to try the No Knead Crusty Italian Bread recipe. I started by mixing it up last evening, then it sits on the counter all night. I got up this morning and finished the rising and baking. It came out absolutely wonderful and it's sooo easy.

If you decide to check out the instructions and give it a try, I'll tell you that I made a few small modifications. I didn't have instant yeast so used 1/2 tsp. regular granulated yeast. I added 2 T. sugar. I used exactly 1 1/2 cups water. I don't have a Dutch oven so used a French White Corning casserole dish 8 1/2 across and 3 1/2 inches deep. It was just the right size.

Isn't it lovely!

Yesterday Zip and I went to Dillsburg to pick up my Baltimore album quilt. I had started this quilt about 10 years ago at a class at the Sewin Place in Chambersburg.. That's where I first met Linda Keller. Then we didn't have contack for several years until we discovered through my son that we were both rug hookers.

Anyhow, it took me 6 years to finish the needle-turned applique blocks and border. Then I put it away, hoping the quilting fairies would by some miracle do the basting together of the top, batting, and backing. Well, I finally found a quilting angel in the form of my friend Esther, who purchased a long-arm quilting machine this past year.

Esther's husband Ray converted their double garage into a fantastic quilting studio. Don't know how I missed getting a picture of the man who did all the work! Ray and Zip are old friends who worked together for years before they both retired. He did a great job making the studio nice and birght with plenty of windows. And look at that floor! WOW!!!

And here is the amazing quilting machine!

A client of Esther's ordered these quilts to give as Christmas presents.

She even has a huge design board on the wall so you can get the full effect of the fabrics. I particularly like the colors in this one.

On the table is a fabric collage of her Great Dane, Princess.

This lovely sewing cabinet was a birthday gift from Ray. Almost makes me want to have more birthdays!

Lots of sewing, cutting, and pressing area!

We had a great time talking about quilts and fabrics. I didn't get a picture of her stash! Darn!!! It was very nice.
We had an enjoyable lunch at T J Rockwell, which is a restaurant beside Ashcomb greenhouse.

This is my quilt! Zip and I took it to the front porch to get the best light, but it's so big (king size) that there isn't any place to spread it all out for a good picture.

I've been so busy this week I haven't had time to hook.
I'm cooking apples for sauce. Better get back to the kitchen.


  1. Pat, that bread looks sooooo good, mmmmmm~
    and your quilt, my goodness, it is just beautiful! I bet you are sitting, and quilting it right now. Just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing it!!

  2. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful! Such talent! I love the looks of the bread too - I will have to try it. I understand why you are not getting much hooking done. My black and white is finished!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. Pat... miss you ... hopefully I will see you soon... your quilt is so beautiful.. the prettiest Ive seen in a long your friends studio is awesome!!! and I love the website mennonite girls can cook Ive been looking at it for some time now!! p.s. can I have a copy of the pic you took of the bread and apples?? that could win a photo contest!!

  4. Pat! The bread!! I love the things you love!! Your blog is def inspiring to me..I read this the other day while things were crazy and i just hopped back on here this morning because i wanted to start my day out looking at that bread and finding that website. Your inspiring me and setting the mood for my day!! Love it!


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